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Faithfully Yours is a family-owned business officially birthed in 2017 while I was planning my own wedding. I used all my experience planning events for previous jobs and for friends to execute this vision. We believe event planning is more than nice tables and chair set ups. We believe events should be long lasting experiences full of love and laughter. We always ask the question, “How can we make people feel on top of the world while living in a crazy world?”

We bring fun innovative ideas to LIFE, making what many believe to be impossible…possible. Our attention to details leads to unforgettable experiences triggering all of the 5 senses.

Sight - creating the unseen desired vision
Smell - whether it’s fresh florals or candles burning the mood is set
Hearing- music that fills the room as soon as you walk through the door
Taste- clients and their guests fall in love with food prepared by recommended caterers
Touch- from the quality of every tablecloth, plate, spoon or napkin

We love building relationships with our clients who essentially become family. We celebrate all milestones. Not only do we coordinate and plan, we also create the designs. We pride ourselves in going over and beyond for our clients, always exceeding expectations.

Our clients know we are FAITHFULLY theirs for their special occasion.

WE present to you FAITHFULLY YOURS…truly a labor of love.

Thank you,
R. Gray
Owner, Planner & Accredited Event Designer

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